Camel Safari Camp
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Camel Safari Camp


Bivouac Camp

Private Camp provides intimacy for private group and individual, for a better way to access and experience the remote wilderness areas of desert’s extensive southern deserts. For us, this is the real reason to come to Desert; to experience the raw untouched wilderness of the deserts and to immerse yourself for at least a few days in this extraordinary environment. We use two superb tented camps for this - the Desert Private Camp or the Luxury Desert Camp. Both of these camps are deeply spoiling experiences for a night spent in splendid isolation under a firmament bright with star. Our private camp has to be one of the most rewarding wilderness experiences available. Set in the impressive desert landscape, at the foot of sand dunes 500 ft high dune, close to the Nomad village of Hassi Labiad in Merzouga

Privat Camp


single room




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